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day to go out and find special someone. at the of or not. he claims that if you start dating so in fe, you have no pressure of valentine's day, you pressure of christmas. of ne new year's eve plans. guys the pressure is off. and gals, too. he said it doesn't hit until thanksgiving. if you start dating someone in the summer, -- only a guy could come up with a brilliant theory. >> bob: i am changing my one more thing. no one asked me to do this. i want to explain something. when i made the reference to apartheid with the national rifle association, this is what i meant. they in south africa in apartheid, good people, law and order people had guns and kept them away from everybody else who didn't like apartheid. so the problem was that the people who were not the good guys in the view of those who were the good guys got hold of
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guns and then you had a big problem. the answer is there is, you cannot separate out good guys with guns with bad guys from guns. the good guys with guns end up in the bad guys with gun. er go apartheid. wayne, if you don't like that d. >> andrea: okay. wait, wait. >> dana: what does it have to do with america's second amendment and gup policy? >> bob: i was trying to explain what i was explaining. >> dana: i know. >> andrea: i don't know if you cleared anything up. >> handbe me a shovel. >> that is what i meant. >> andrea: thank you very much. that history lesson sponsored in part by beckel incity tute. thank you for watching. have a great weekend. >> bret: company makes more than a billion dollars in profits. not only does it not pay income tax, it gets a huge refund. the founder is a supporter of
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president obama. good evening. i'm bret baier. two months from today the federal income taxbe report is due. here is something to think about as you get ready. facebook made $1 billion last year. it's not paying income taxes. it's getting a refund. about a half billion dollars refund. jim angle has the top story. >> the president visited facebook. up with of the most successstar. spent time with mark zuckerberg on multiple occasions. they are successful to make $1 billion in the u.s. last year. instead of paying corporate taxes on, that it will get a refund of $429 million. >> it's interesting. facebook paid out a huge amount of bonuses to the corporate executives and that greatly reduced the tax liability. >> facebook because of the
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stock options tax break getting refund from the federal government. of more than $400 million this year. more to come in # future. >> facebook has more tax deductions to go. the group citizens for tax justice reported details. >> employees cashed in stock options. at that point, did a tax deduction for the company. even though it didn't cost them a nickel, the government treats it as wages. they get a deduction for it. >> the company couldn't use them at all once and it will use more in coming years. $3 billion in tax break altogether, just the thing the president says we should stop. >> save hundreds of billions of dollars getting rid of the tax loopholes and deduction for the well off and well connected. >> that could apply to facebook. aside from face time with the president, mr. obama got $100,000 in campaign contribution from the company. five times more than any other
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candidate. president has gone after the te duction by the oil and gas companies for their business expenses. sharply criticizing them and calling for repeal. he said little about the tax strategies for companies like facebook. >> the president is selective. in the situation he points out to push the policy agenda. there are major problems with the corporate tax code that need to be addressed. singling out the oil industry is not really going to help move the debate forward. >> the president has allies in california. in the tech industry. he my be nervous taking them on. >> facebook which asks everyone to share, had nothing to share with fox today. when asked to kent on the report. which is based on the annual tax filing. >> bret? >> thank you. congressman who handsome, articulate and had some of his father's extraordinary charisma. but somewhere along the way it turned wrong for jesse jackson junior.
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today we learned he could spend almost five years in prison. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel joins you live. >> former congressman jesse jackson junior charged with illegally conspiring with his wife to spend $750,000 in campaign funds op personal expences. no plea deal announceed but in a statement, he said, "i offer no excuses for my conduct. i fully accept my responsibility for the improper decisions and the mistakes i made. prosecutors are expected to recommend a prison sentence of five years and fine of up to $so 0,000. the former rising star of the democratic party and man with huge name i.d. is accused of buying a gold $43,000 rolex watch, fur cape and parka and pem raabilia of famous people. michael jackson, mar tip luther king junior and ma'am control-x. charges are wire and mail fraud. his wife who had her open
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political career as chicago alderman had reached an agreement with prosecutors after being charged with filing false joint tax returns. sandra jackson served as her husband's campaign manager at different times. she resigned from office in the justice department probe in their finances. federal investigators say the jacksons lied on house financial disclosure forms and campaign finance documents to cover up they were using campaign cash to provide a fancy lifestyle. there was a time it was believed that he was destined for a position in house leadership or senate seat. but he got caught up in a scandal involving rod blagojevich. and the attempt to sell obama's senate seat after the 2008 election. jackson junior pushed to be appointed to the seat. office of congressional ethics says he promised to raise million for the governor's campaign. as the legal issues got worse, jackson eventually vanished before resiping the seat after november election. in that statement, jackson
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junior says he hopes he is remembered for thing he is did right. >> bret: mike emanuel on the hill. thank you. another story now about your tax dollars. two weeks from today, the pentagon and much of washington could be very different place. march 1 is the day, massive sending cuts are schedule -- spending cuts are scheduled to kick in. they with warning of impact in every city and town in country. there is major concern tonight about the u.s. military. jennifer griffin reports from the pentagon. >> congress left town. when they come back in ten days they will have five days to act if they want to stop the huge budget cuts known as sequestration. here is one thing republicans and the democrats can agree upon. >> we used every adjective known to man to say this is dumb. can we agree this is a dumb thing? >> yes. >> okay. >> yet the finger pointing
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continues. >> mr. speaker, we are on the brink of achieve republican policy of sequester. >> speaker of the house taken to call it president's sequester. the defense secretary put it more bluntly. >> we need to find solutions. we can't sit here and complain and blame others. we have can't point fingers at each other. >> army chief ray odinero warn it may push him to expand deployment and extend tours to 15 months. no decisions have been made. budget cuts could delay the training for the seasonals set to deploy in 2014. another example of how it would hurt the nation's national security. it's not just defense. in a letter to congress, secretary of state john kerry warned the u.s. could have to halt the humanitarian aid to millions of people. cut foreign assistance to
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israel. delay efforts to improve embassy security in wake of the benghazi attack. >> no more tax cuts for the wealthy, say the republicans. take it out of meals on wheel, food safety, education, head start. safety of the neighborhood. the education of our children. safety of our food. defense of our country. our national security. it's not right. >> more than two years ago in november 14, 2011, letter to senator john mccain and lindsey graham. leon panetta warned about the "devastating impact" of the sequester. few in the pentagon thought congress and the white house would take the nation to brink. >> bret: jepper if griffin at pentagon. thank you. u.s. factory production dropped in january after twoson months of gains. stocks finished the week flat. dow was up 8. s&p lost 1-1/2.
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the answer to the question what happened the night terrorist hit the u.s. facilefy in benghazi, libya, might be what day is it? almost every day brings another detail or revision or contradiction of what we heard earlier. tonight, chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge tells us what we know and what we don't. >> according to a leading republican who said he spoke with clapper, the top intelligence officer. >> i was told by clap they're the president was informed of the attack. >> as if the president wanted anything done, neither clapper office or the security council spokesman addressed the question. >> this is the most transparent administration in history. congress is running out of things to ask. >> the president tries to minimize benghazi in google chat. ref cent statement by his administration are not adding up. in the first interview since
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pulling out of consideration for secretary of state, ambassador rice suggests he is a victim blaming the spun out of control comment op intelligence community. >> they provided talking points i used and they were wrong in one respect we learned subsequently. >> secretary panetta now testified he knew benghazi preplanned terrorism before rice's appearance on the sunday talk show september 16. >> found out that you had rpg and mortar and attack on the second facility. >> no question in my mind. >> to decon terrific the statement and timing. >> it sounds like those are questions for ambassador rice and the pentagon. not for state department. >> the president vigorously denies he tried to the -- [ inaudible ] the tv aperiences including the view september 25 under cut statement. >> hillary clinton said it was act of terrorism. is it? what do you say? >> we are still doing an
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investigation. >> for august classified state department cable where it could not sustain coordinated attack? >> were you aware of the august 16 cable? >> that cable did not come to my attention. >> what appeared to be a smoking gun warning known as the defense secretary and chairman of joint chief and not secretary clinton. >> is that right? >> general, you were aware of that? >> i would call myself surprised she didn't. >> today, they released series of question by john brennan, pick to lead c.i.a. to who makes a call american can be caused for death. there is a review for various agency as well as president. >> stay on it. >> bret: politicians gamble with other people's money for
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>> bret: close encounters of a different kind today on and above planet earth. meteor exploded over russia this morning with the force of a nuclear bomb. it came on the same day an asteroid was scheduled for an intimate fly-by of the third rock from the sun. we begin with greg palkot on a rude awakepping for a lot of russians. >> it came from the sky. just after 9:00 in the morning local time. a ten-ton meteor racing around 33,000 miles an hour through the atmosphere, streaked over the russian city of chelubisk 900 piles east of moscow. before exploding in fireball of blinding light, said to have the power of an atomic
3:17 pm
bomb. a few minutes later, shockwaves sent from a sonic boom that smashed windows, danieled hundreds of buildings and knocked out phone service. 1,000 people were hurt. 100 people hospitalized. no one was reported killed. it reminded me of action movies like "terminator 4." it was bright. then the blast happened. another eyewitness said there was panic the streets. another said it felt like a war zone. 20,000 emergency workers fanned out across the region. three impact sites were found. meteor miss nuclear and chemical weapons store ran facilities. russian president putin promised aid for those effected. some small meteor strike the earth every year but this is noteworthy for size, injury toll and visibility. >> the thing is it came down over a populated area. industrial area, in fact. that is maybe unusual. today it happened 3,000 miles to the west and 100 years
3:18 pm
after a massive meteor strike in siberia. that leveled millions of degrees across 800 square mile area. >> this afternoon, scheduled main event, asteroid coming closer to the earth than a lot of the satellites we rely on every day. phil keating watching the skies from miami tonight. >> this asteroid, is going away. >> on its way up. >> asteroid ga-14 is 55,000 miles from earth. moving away from us. not to return for decades. >> this asteroid came very close to earth. in fact, closest asteroid fly by in recorded history. 17,000 miles. the world astronomers were spot on predicting we would be fine from asteroid. no earth impact. not this thiam. as there are estimated 1 million space rocks near
3:19 pm
earth's orbit. >> we have seep and tracked 9,000 of them now. about 1,000 of them are potentially hazardous. >> astronomers in spain discovered it last year. too small to be seen with the naked eye. it was vizzable with the telescope. astronomers were able to follow the path. this is half a football field long or roughly the size of 12-story building like this. they believe the asteroid of the same size left this crayor in northern arizona, 50,000 years ago probably detonated 20 megaton nuclear bomb. the biggest threat it posed today was to satellites. they orbit in the geo synchronous ring. 22,000 miles above us. it flew through it twice. no damage reported. plantory scientists say the best thing about the encounter
3:20 pm
was preparing for future astroids. >> it gives us time to understand how it is structured and come up with the mitigation strategies. >> this isfully-be close -- fly-be is close to earth so it's altered the gravitational pull. and all of humanity should pay attention this and other asteroid out there. asteroid six miles wide is credited or blamed wiping out all of the dinosaurs. "that, have a great weekend. >> thank you. live in miami. double amputee olympic sprinter accused of killing his celebrity girlfriend was in court today. oscar pistorius held his head in his hands as south african f premeditatedd they would murder. she was shot four times op valentine's day. died in pistorius's home. still ahead, when does the
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short time ago, president obama wrapped up push for second term agenda. he brought a message of gup control to up with of the most violent cities in the councilmember. >> before heading to palm city florida for weekend golf trip, president obama squeezed in his third event since the "state of the union" talking up the middle class. >> we have to grow the economy and create more good jobs and
3:25 pm
equip every american with skills and training to fill the jobs. rebuild the letters of opportunity for everybody willing to climb it. >> aides said he knew he could not stop without mentioning the gun violence devastating the city. since parents of 15-year-old pendleton who was gunned down here days after performing in the inaugural parade attending the event. >> americans are asking for common sense proposals to make it harder for criminals to get their hands on a gun. but they deserve a vote in congress. >> critics say chicago has strong fun control. yet gun violence still explodes. there have been 41 shooting related murders in chicago. 809 guns have been seized here. nine times the amount seized
3:26 pm
in new york city. last year they had 500 murders, most involving guns. only 300 of the guns seized were assault rifles happen. is a reason that today the president offered a broader pitch that went beyond gun control. >> we should do more to promote marriage and encourage fatherhood. son of a single mom, i turned out okay. but i wish i had a father around and involved. loving, supportive parents. that is all kind of parents. that includes foster parents and that includes grandparents and extented families. gay or straight parents. >> now the president seep your advisor david axelrod was here and blamed chicago fun problems in part on lax fun laws in neighbors states like indiana. they bring funs to chicago. something nra opposes.
3:27 pm
>> bret: follow me on twitter. @brettbaier. not since a three-hour sour on the s.s. minnow, naud call misadventure received more attention. five numbing days of overflowing toilet, no air conditioning and little flood ended last night for the passengers and crew of the ironically named carp value triumph. correspondent -- carnival triumph. we have the latest from mobile, alabama. >> passengers cheered as it arrived in mobile. >> excited. i get to take a shower. i can go to the restroom. not have to worry if there is water or not. >> she was among more than 3,000 passengers aboard triumph when a fire in engine room caused the vessel the length of three football fields to lose power 150 miles off the coast of mexico
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yucatan peninsula. >> a moment the electricity went out and you hear scream of babies and mothers and elderly couple next to me, they are telling each other remember i love you. remember i love you. that was difficult. >> a four day cruise turned in to eight days. passengers say there were long lines for food and backed up toilets forced them to use plastic bags. >> they were the toilets. we had to set it in the holloway. taught you a lot of humility. she didn't want to set it out. i said that is how it has to be done. >> carnival chartered planes to get the passengers back home. the company is offering each passenger a full refund for this cruise. $500 in cash and free cruise in future for those still interested. >> i'd go tomorrow. fall off a bicycle, you don't never ride it again. if you fall off a horse you do it. automobile accident you still drive a car.
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>> triumph was towed to a shipyard on mobile bay to undergo mechanical repairs and thorough cleaning. vessel will be out of service until april. politician with a billion dollar habit. it's not good. conspiracy theory about the object that exploded over russia today. grapevine is next. ♪ [ engine turns over ] [ male announcer ] we created the luxury crossover and kept turning the page, writing the next chapter for the rx and lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> bret: now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. former san diego mayor who lived on the edge and rolled the dice has come up snake eyes. democrat maureen o'connor reached lee deal charge of embezzling money from charity to feed $1 billion gambling habit. she won $1 billion between 2000 and 2009. mostly playing video poker. her attorney says she lost especially more than that. finishing $13 million in the red. she admits taking money from a foundation started by her late husband and says she was suffering from a brain tumor and intends to pay it back. here is up with of those man biting to story. teem in trouble for tres toog dg too nicely for school. 13-year-old sent to sus specific for the they for wearing a tie. max richmond did not like the
3:34 pm
clip-on tie mandatory at the school. so he got a traditional necktie in the same pattern. the school policy been as those saying they are a safety hazard. max says, "i like wearing a real tie because it feels proper." when you are wearing a clip-on tie it's hard to be taken seriously. the school agreed to review policy. tonight, conspiracy theory of russian lawmaker says the meteor we told you about earlier was no meteor. nationalist lawmaker says it was actually an american weapons test. he incysts it's not possible for meteors to fall to earth. nothing will fall out there. meaning in space. if something falls, it's people doing that. kerry tried to wash russia about the test earlier in week and could not get through, he says. the state department says kerry tried to contact the
3:35 pm
russian foreign minister to discuss north carolina and syria. >> in the zeal to apply justice do some prosecutors create injustice? a question that some are asking tonight after the tragic end to a promising life. correspondent doug mckelway has tonight's regulation nation report. >> before aaron schwartz committed suicide, federal prosecutors charmed him with 13 counts of wire and computer fraud to put him behind bars for 35 years. more than many murder defendants face. for illegally downloading academic documents available for a fee at the m.i.t. library. >> it's become routine for prosecutors when they decide to indict to pile on every conceivable charge you could possibly stretch the law.
3:36 pm
[ loss of audio ] >> bret: problems with that tape. we apologize for that. five months after the beeping benj terror attack, unanswered questions are still out there. we'll talk about it with the fox all-stars. when we return. blan hi. hi. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology
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>> i shared the best information the intelligence community had at the time. provided talking points that i used. they were wrong in one respect. we learned subsequent. that is there was a protest. >> you have talking points and petraeus told congress they didn't change the talking point. white house and state said they didn't do it. the changes were made at the interagency process. the office of the crack of the of national intelligence made
3:40 pm
changes. then the f.b.i. did it. moral said i didn't mean f.b.i. i meant c.i.a. panetta said he believed it was a preplanned terrorist attack. this does look like a great deal of confusion there. >> there is always confusion with a tragedy of that sort. but the bigger tragedy is all the months trying to figure out origin of talking point. not enough time in doing the service that we owed to our fallen colleagues. >> bret: susan rice, the-up ambassador. talking about the talking point she brought to sunday shows. what we know about it and we don't. a lot we don't know about it.
3:41 pm
it continues. bring in the panel. steve hayes for "weekly standard." charles lane. and charles krauthammer. on the daily show. with john stewart, this interview. steve? >> that that was devastating talking point. we know five different explanation how talking points came to be an how al-qaeda came to be taken out of them. we still sit here today don't have a single explanation from the administration that reconciles all of their different stories. i think that if for no other reason reporters were interested in benghazi they would be interested in that. if you have that many contradictory stories. suggests that somebody is not telling the truth. hasn't been from the beginning. that is one unanswered question. there are 70 e-mails that exist. requested by republican in
3:42 pm
senate. the other is the suspect in the benghazi attack held in tunisia. thigh shared information and intelligence on what we had. the united states government try repeatedly to get access and interviewed him for three hours. brennan testified under oath that the united states didn't have anything on him. brennan's chents weren't true. republicans understand they weren't true. they couldn't be true because we passed information to the allied governments in order to help us try to prosecute. so brennan has to reconcile the comments. he has been asked in a letter by rubio to clarify them. he hasn't yet. they will push him to do so.
3:43 pm
>> bret: is this standoff over hagel increase the chances that more information comes out? or does this get as the president says, blown away by charges that this is politically motivated? and republicans are just looking for things to grab on to? >> i don't think the hague hague standoff makes any difference. >> bret: a lot of it is based on the benghazi -- >> i understand. but i'm saying the standoff over hagel is more related to request for information about hagel. and speeches that he may have made in the past. it seems it's pro forma. republicans let him go after a certain period. the brennan appointment may be more closely associated. listen to cross examine of rice's summary of, this i'm not sure what we get out of this. i guess they do have a theory that explains all the changing stories and she said it on the air. they were confused.
3:44 pm
confusion at the time. confusion three days after it happened. >> confusion came after the fact. it came after the fact. the fact they can't reconcile that tells they weren't telling the truth. >> the most transparent administration when you have lindsey graham on this set last night saying that they haven't gotten the transcripts from the f.b.i. interviews on september 13 with survivors. they don't the list of survivors. we have don't know where the survivors are. >> right. >> do you? >> no. >> i'm not going to stand here to say i put my hand in the fire and say this is the most transparent administration in history. obviously, they are not going to five the information to lindsey graham when it's in the middle of the political storm, as it is. i don't think the republican administration were more forthcoming with people with partisan agendas either. >> serves the administration to make it look like it's just
3:45 pm
issue shoes that are unclear. massive story that are unclear. there are three elements here. we have a scandal of lack of protection. secretary of state. hillary clinton says she did not see the memo. >> stop you there. this is from the hearing with panetta and dempsey. they are asked about the memo sent up the chain to hillary clinton where she says she didn't see it. dempsey, chairman of the joint chief and secretary of defense asked about it specifically. >> you said previously you were aware of that. >> i was aware of the communication back to state department. >> when secretary clinton testified a few weeks ago she had a clear eyed assessment of the threat we faced in libya, is that really a credible
3:46 pm
statement? if she didn't know about the ambassador's cable on august 15 saying we can't defend this place? >> i don't know if she didn't know about the cable. >> she said she didn't. >> are you stunned that she didn't? >> i'm call myself surprised. >> we are surprised. >> this is from the ambassador who is later killed that said this is indefensible. we are attacked we'll die. the secretary of state for whom this ambassador is working didn't see it, so that is issue number one on the prehistory. secondly on the day of the attack, the president had a briefing, half an hour where it comes up. afterwards for seven hour he is doesn't call anybody. he doesn't speak with the leader of libya or the secretary of defense.
3:47 pm
or the joint -- he doesn't speak to anybody while ambassador and others are killed in libya. disengaged, where was he? what was he doing? why didn't he pursue this? this is a serious event. lastly, i won't go over it is what happens afterwards. obvious deception of what was the origin of the attack? video, which is made up story. as you showed in the tape earlier, the president was still implying viable story. two weeks after everyone knew it was a terror attack. >> chuck's point,teams say okay. we are where we are. we are trying to fix it. arb says we are going to fix these things. move on. senator graham says that is not what happened with iraq. that graham and mccain worked on interrogation policy and looked very stringently
3:48 pm
back at bush interrogation policy. the bush iraq policy. is that a fair -- when graham says that, to look back apples and apples? >> i don't think he meant it as a tit-for-tat but it is fair. if you have huge unresolved questions about something, we deserve to have them answered. we need the administration reconcile the various stories we have. there wouldn't five different stories about the origin and the editing of the talking points. if they said from the beginning and to us what happened. there are 70 e-mails that exist between the administration figures and intelligent officials that apparently shed light on certain aspects of how that drafting took place. how the editing took place. that matters. >> what do you think happened? do you think president obama sat down with axelrod and said we know there was no video? we know our story is false. but let's sit down, you and i together conspire to make a phoneny story? that is what you think
3:49 pm
happened? >> what important is not what i think happened but what is important is what actually happened and that the administration tell us what happened. >> did it happen is it possible that happened? >> why are you suggesting that's what i think happened? what happened really matters. there are five stories that we have been presented. >> what is the worst case scenario? >> al-qaeda was taken out by somebody, we don't know whom. so that the administration could sell the story that it was about a videotape when it wasn't ever about a videotape. it was about al-qaeda. they downpyed the attack and strength of al-qaeda. they have done it consistently going back to attacks in first year of the administration. >> that is what matters? >> it doesn't matter what my story is. it matters their story. >> bret: we will have a short lightning round. >> what a pity. [ laughter ] >> bret: next up, the friday lightning round. [ female announcer ] caltrate's done even more to move us.
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>> bret: back with the panel. quick friday lightning round. president wassal in chicago talking gun violence in a violent city. steve? >> well, conservatives like to point to chicago as a place that is a bad example of this. it took courage for the president to go there. i don't think his comment comments there on gun and gun control and pushing for legislation will have any impact whatsoever on what happens in congress. but in longer term the president comment on fatherhood reiteration of the ones that he made in the "state of the union," if he presses that agenda he could have conservative bye-in. important message. >> bret: big thing on twitter today. chuck, facebook not paying any income taxes. in fact they get money back. $429 million. they made $1.1 billion in
3:54 pm
profit last year. thoughts? >> this story came up a year ago when they filed their texataxes. it's long-standing loophole. i don't understand the association of facebook with obama or the democrats on this issue, because the people who have been trying to close the loophole, prominent one is carl levin who is a democrat. campaigning around this. the last time i saw mark zuckerberg he was hosting a fund raise e for chris christie in california. i don't see this as partisan issue. >> bret: right. but it happens the same week as the "state of the union" where president obama is saying we should cut loopholes for well connect and he was out at facebook. >> like chris christie. >> bret: sure. winners and losers? >> winner, jack lew. one of the great hearing. he had issues in cayman island and citigroup, revolving
3:55 pm
door and handaled it. he proves get -- 90% of that demean nowhere. calm and respectful. he will get the nomination. loser, 4-year-old of america. they're jumping around laughing, screaming, having a great time. obama wants them to go to school. every one right away. why? prepare them for high-tech economy of the future. can't wait until the age of five. no sir. we can't let chinese 4-year-olds work on the solar panels and cars that run on algae. while our 4-year-olds are lolllying around and doing nothing. we are number one. stay that way. 4-year-olds of america better shape up. have a good day, kids. >> bret: winners and losers, quickly. >> weird choice for winner. marco rubio, for surviving that whole kerfuffle about the water bottle. loser jesse jackson junior in
3:56 pm
deep trouble with the law. allegedly stole tens of thousands of dollars. looks like he might do jail time. >> my winner is the senate democrats, actually, because for after going really years without doing anything serious on debt and deficits they offed a proposal this week. to set aside sequester. now a terrible proposal on merits but nice to have them back in game engaging in exchange of ideas to make the policy proposal. the loser in my view was the mainstream media this week. national media. you had obsession with the the cruise ship. hours -- >> bret: we are on there. >> i didn't include fox. >> very fair. >> hours of obsessing about marco rubio's water. same time the media in tone and substance basically siding with administration that decided they are going to withhold information from reporters. new moment in recent journalistic history. not a good turn. >> okay.
3:57 pm
panel, thank you. that is it for panel. stay tuned to see the latest internet video dance craze going viral. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, of your daily vegetable servings [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. in every little bottle. of yoa hybrid? most are vjust no fun to drive. [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. now, here's one that will make you feel alive. meet the five-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max says ha. c-max says wheeee. which is what you get, don't you see? cause c-max has lots more horsepower than prius v, a hybrid that c-max also bests in mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid. to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs
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